The star heroine who wants to have so many kids!

Priyanka Chopra says she has many children. The actress, who is happily married to a Central American boy, recently made a statement on the issue of children.

Priyanka wants to have as many children as she can. Priyanka says there is someone worse than herself in her life. When it comes to children she wants to have as many people as possible with him without any compromise.

In the meantime, the heroines do not hesitate to make bold statements about their lives. A middle-aged schoolgirl says sex education can be frustrating after marriage.

Samantha commented with a magazine that romance happens often. Now married Priyanka shares her opinion about children.

Priyanka says she has no intention of adopting family control. The fact that more children are dying is a sign of their marital happiness.

In India, however, without family control, it is difficult for everyone, but in America, the problem is that! In Western civilization, how many people are married and have children, but .. celebrities with children do not seem to have much control.

Most cricketers and even Hollywood stars have three or four children. Others adopted children and adopted children themselves. Will Priyanka earn their niche in this backdrop!

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