The main competition for her is the beauty pageant that someone says

The competition on the silver screen is growing. The seeds that appear today, the condition that disappears after a few days. Success ratings in the film industry are very low. But only a few can face setbacks and failures.

Mary is in a terrible condition, especially the heroines. If both movies flop, that impression will take over them. This is a condition that must be permanently eradicated.

In this context, beauty queen Rakul Preet Singh talks about her career and her competitors. Rakul, who has established herself in the industry with the Venkatadri Express film, has gradually risen to become a top heroine.

News has come that she has slowed down in her recent career. Rakul Preet Singh responded in this context and said interesting things. Some in the industry say they don’t have much faith in the number one, two, three charms.

If the film is a hit then it is considered a real success. She said she never turned in illusions when the pots hit. At the field level he said he perceives the real Valento and wants to live accordingly. Mary is always overwhelmed when she succeeds in her life and drowns when she fails.

Rakul said he would accept the victories equally. His passion is to act in a variety of roles that satisfy his creativity. After all, he feels he is competing with himself. That’s true, she made it clear that she had never experienced competition compared to others. She says only weak minds are mentally depressed compared to others.

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