Netizens troll over how many Oscars Kangana has won

Bollywood firebrand heroine Kangana Ranaut has been the carafe address to the controversy. Kangana responds in her own way to the country’s developments and stands as a carafe to resolve the dispute. Take the initiative to throw dirt on those you don’t like.

Controversial Karaf Kangana recently compared himself to Hollywood star actress Merle Streep and popular Israeli actress Gal Gadot‌.

Netizens opened fire at O ​​Range. Various memes were made and trolled. What do you think about 3 time Oscar winner Meryl Streep? Kangana was raised by Eddeva. Where is she who has won 21 Oscars? Netizens trolled how many Oscars Kangana has won.

Kangana faced these criticisms. ‘The Oscars are an award given only to American films. If you look at that number, how many Padma National Awards did she get? Get out of the slave mentality .. Wake up with self-respect. Netizens are critical of this.

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