Interesting talk about Khushi Kapoor Bollywood entry

Khushi Kapoor, the second daughter of Atiloka Sundari Sridevi – Bonnie Kapoor, has been the subject of an interesting discussion among Bollywood fans for a long time. Although the media has been asking the same question about Bonnie from time to time since Janvikapur’s entry, he has not given a correct answer.

Bonnie finally gave Clarity on this. However, he has not yet revealed the details of Khushi Kapoor’s first project. Janvi Kapoor did not maintain such suspense when he entered the industry but he has been waiting a long time for a happy entry. In a recent interview, Bonnie revealed that Khushi is interested in pursuing an acting career. “You’ll hear an announcement soon,” Tease said.

Fans are eager to see how Janvi’s sister Khushi Magic looks on the big screen. Bonnie, however, made it clear that he would not launch Khushi. Khushi said the grand launch will make another leading production house. “I have the resources. But I want someone else to start her. Because I was her father. As a producer I don’t like being introduced. Also, it is not good for him, “he said.

As for Khushi .. she has already taken acting training. Also gained a huge following on social media. Khushi recently made her Instagram account public. The Khushi glamor show has doubled since then. Like his older sister .. he understands that he is more passionate about fashion.

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