Hot beauties opposite Ravi Teja

Mass Raja Ravi Teja is back in form. His new film ‘Crack’ was released as a wallpaper gift and received good results. The film starts with bumper openings and runs towards break even. It is as if Ravi Teja has hit the track again with this movie.

In this spirit, Ravi Teja is looking to complete his new film ‘Khiladi’ as soon as possible. The film, directed by Ramesh Verma, is set to make its debut in the summer race. Sankranthi Kanu has released a poster and finalized the summer release.

The number of ‘Khiladi’ heroines was also revealed on this occasion. Ramesh Verma took two hot beauties opposite Mass Raja. Those two .. Meenakshi Chaudhary, Dimple Hayati.

Meenakshi Chaudhary is a northern girl. She won the Femina Miss Grand pageant two years ago. This girl who sparkled in modeling is already making a movie in Telugu. That is the picture .. Vehicles should not stop here. The film, which stars Sushant as the hero, is in its final stages. Before the release of this film, Meenakshi knew her talent and gave Ravi Teja a chance in the film. If you look at the photo shoots of Meenakshi when she was a model, it is clear that she is super hot. Another bhama Dimple Hayati has to go to ‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh’.

This bhama did a good mass item song called Super Hittu Nee Haitu in that movie. You know how hot Dimple looked in it and how entertaining her steps were. Ramesh Verma, who has taken both the hot bhamals opposite Mass Raja for the whole .. We have to see how he elevates their beauty in this mass movie.

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