Bollywood star heroine in Gangubhai Katiyawadi movie

Alia Bhatt is one of the busiest young heroines in the Bollywood industry. The selling craze for movies is on the rise. It is good that all the big movie projects are in the hands of the seller right now. This small one that was confined to the house due to the lock down until earlier. Adjusting dates and completing every project he does with careful planning. It is known that Ammadu Rajamouli is currently acting in the movie RRR. Ammadu Rancharan will be seen opposite Sita in the movie RRR. I have been learning Telugu dialogues for over a year and a half for this role. That is why the news has come out that Chakachaka Telugu dialogues were mentioned in the shooting. Also alongside RRR, Alia is starring in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film ‘Gangubhai Katiyawadi’. This movie is going to be very special in Alia’s career.

However, Sanjay Bhansali is making the film as a biopic of famous brothel owner Gangubai from Mumbai’s Kantipura area. The makers said that Alia Ganguly will be seen in all the variations of what she looks like from adolescence to old age in this movie. If the movie is not locked down, it will be ready for release by now. But with the start of the drunken shooting, it is learned that the film is slated to release on the occasion of the upcoming Dussehra festival this year. However, it seems that the film will be dubbed and presented to the Telugu audience as well. Alia will be familiar to the Telugu audience with RRR. The talk in the industry is that Gangubai movie is going to be released in Telugu with that idea. Currently, the senators feel that Alia Ganguly is very interested in the role. The makers say that they are going to use VFX full along with heavy make-up to make Alia look like a gangster. See how Alia entertains as a brothel house owner .. !!

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